Each region must have their own special food. Like Malaysia. Here are a few Malaysian specialties to try when you visit the neighboring country.

1. Nasi Lemak

This fat rice is a typical Malay food that is often found in Malaysia and is considered a national dish. Nasi Lemak is rice cooked using coconut milk and mixed with pandan leaves. Generally, nasi lemak is served with processed eggs, cucumber slices, and chili sauce. But now it is sold with various side dishes. Fat rice is also often accompanied by grated coconut.

2. Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is white rice which is eaten with various curry sauces. Among them are fish curry, chicken curry, goat curry, and so forth. In addition, other side dishes are added, such as various fried foods and vegetables. Kandar rice is arguably similar to rice rames in Indonesia. The difference is that rice is served with spices used for making curry.

3. Roti Canai

Canai Bread (Cane) is a kind of flat bread that is usually served with curry sauce. This bread is commonly found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and others.

4. Laksa Penang

Laksa Penang is a flat and slightly thick noodle-type food mixed with herbs with Peranakan culture, which is combined with Chinese and Malay elements. Penang Laksa has a sour soup taste. The recommendation to eat Laksa Penang is at Laksa Air Itam Market in the foothills of Penang, Malaysia.

5. Roti Jala

Roti Jala is bread that is usually served with Malay curry sauce. This bread is a Malay food adapted from Indian elements. The basic ingredients are flour and eggs.

6. Teh Tarik

Often found in Indonesia, this tea is a typical beverage beverage in Malaysia. Tensile tea is a sweet drink in the form of tea mixed with milk.

7. Kweyteow

Kweyteo is a food in which there are clams, shrimp, eggs, and sprouts. Cooked with Penang spices that make this kweyteow very tasty.

Well … that was typical Malaysian food that you need to try while visiting Malaysia. Hopefully this is useful.

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