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For those of you who are pregnant and waiting for the presence of a baby, or have just given birth, a baby stroller is one of the important things that you need to have. In the midst of the many choices of baby strollers with various types of brands, prices, and varied features, of course mama must be observant in choosing a stroller that suits your needs and is suitable for your baby. This time, Lovia will provide a complete guide for you to choose a stroller, so you don't need to be confused anymore. 🙂

Usability Stroller: Is It Necessary?

You must have known that the stroller is useful for carrying your baby to go for a walk, so that you are always close to your father. 🙂 Well, actually this stroller also has several functions, you know. So if you are still in doubt whether you need a stroller or not, try looking at it first.

  • Protect babies from heat and rain. A good baby stroller has a top cover or canopy, so the baby will not overheat and is still protected when it is drizzling. But if it rains a lot, still be brought into the house right away 🙂 Poor baby will get cold ...
  • Reducing mommy and daddy fatigue. When everywhere a baby is always carried, it will make you tired and mom. With a stroller, Daddy just push it. Even though the baby is already rather big so it can walk on its own, when he sleeps he still needs to be carried right. Bunda Istiana said, "so that if the children sleep easily, just put it on the stroller and still be able to walk." So the stroller is still useful even though the baby can already walk alone.
  • Bring the baby close to his mother. Dengan stroller, mama bisa membawa bayi ikut beraktivitas, meski di dalam rumah. Karena praktis dan mudah digerakkan ke mana-mana, jadi mama bisa berasa lebih tenang selalu dekat dengan bayi. Bila stroller menggunakan reversible handle, maka saat didorong bayi tetap menghadap wajah mama, jadi bayi happy dan mama juga gak kepo deh bayinya ngeliat ke mana aja <🙂
  • Keep the baby sleeping soundly. A comfortable stroller will make the baby comfortable and the baby will sleep easily, so that the mother does not bother and can move. A stroller that is paired with a car seat or travel system can also be directly lifted into the car seat of the car, so there is no need to wake the baby when mama is going out / in the car.
  • Babies can have fun playing. When Papa is busy with his activities, the baby is busy playing with his toys in the stroller. So papa mama not afraid to be disturbed.

Now, after Mama knows the use of the stroller, Lovia will also share what needs to be considered in choosing a stroller.

Considerations in Choosing a Stroller

Before starting to find the right stroller for mom and baby, first consider these questions.

  • Who will use it? If you plan to use a stroller since your newborn baby, be sure to choose a stroller that is suitable for newborns. Also, if the baby is going to use the stroller until it is big enough, then you need a stroller that is stronger. But note that a strong stroller is usually also heavier.
  • How many babies will use it? If you have twins or want to take two babies at once, consider the type of double stroller. There is also a type of triple stroller so that mom can invite three babies at once. double stroller. Tersedia juga jenis triple stroller sehingga mama dapat mengajak tiga bayi sekaligus.
  • Who will push it? Mama usually likes a lightweight stroller than daddy, hehe ...
  • Where will the stroller be stored? If the stroller will often be taken away by car, choose a stroller that is easily folded. A lightweight umbrella stroller that is easy to fold (umbrella fold) is also a practical choice.
  • What is your budget? Now there are many stroller with more affordable prices. However, a branded stroller or more expensive in addition to having good models and features, also has important safety features, for example 5-point safety harness. Don't sacrifice your baby's safety just for the cheap price.

Now, it's clearer. Let's see, what are the types of stroller that you can choose.

7 Types of Baby Stroller

There are various types of stroller that you can choose, starting from a standard stroller, a lightweight "umbrella" pram, to a travel system and even a stroller that can fit two or three babies.

1. Standard Stroller

Standard stroller dengan fitur yang fungsional.
Standard stroller with functional features.

This is a baby stroller that has standard features. Equipped with a canopy to protect babies, shelves for storing bags / food / drinks, and also a multifunctional backrest. You can also choose standard / medium or large sizes. The weight starts from the light, to the heavy if large or many features.

2. Umbrella/Lightweight Stroller

Umbrella fold stroller yang mudah dilipat dan ringan.
Umbrella fold stroller which is easy to fold and lightweight.

This umbrella umbrella stroller is suitable for moms who want to travel practically with babies, because of its small size, light weight, and easy to fold. Because it is small and lightweight, the price is cheaper than other types of stroller.

In this umbrella stroller the baby can not sleep position, can only sit so specifically for babies aged 6 months and over who can already sit. The features are also limited, so you can't keep your belongings here.

For a walk around the house, umbrella stroller is a practical choice. This stroller can also be used for long trips because it saves more space than a large stroller, so it can be carried on planes, trains, or ships.

3. Car Seat Stroller

Car seat stroller bayi yang praktis untuk di mobil.
Car seat baby stroller that is practical for the car.

Car seat baby stroller that is practical for the car.

Car seat stroller combines a baby stroller with a car seat that can be mounted on a car.

When you get out of the car, you just have to lift the car seat, open the stroller frame, then attach the car seat to the frame, so the stroller. Likewise, when entering the car, the car seat can be removed from the frame so that the mother can lift the car seat and the baby who is sleeping into the car. The frame can be folded and put in the trunk. Practical, right?

However, due to its limited size, this stroller cannot be used again if your baby has grown up. The sitting position is also not suitable for newborns.

You also need to know, don't let the baby sit in the car seat for too long, because it can cause flat spots on the baby's head, and can increase the risk of gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), a chronic digestive disease.

4. Travel System Stroller

Travel system stroller bayi dengan fitur lengkap: kanopi, sandaran multifungsi, keranjang perlengkapan.
A full-featured baby stroller travel system

A full-featured baby stroller travel system: canopy, multifunctional backrest, equipment basket.

Travel system stroller is a full-featured stroller and car seatcan be removed from the frame. Babies can also sleep comfortably here, so they can be used from newborns.

Although the price tends to be more expensive, but its features are also more complete. Travel stroller system is equipped with a canopy, multifunctional delivery, babies can sleep or sit, and usually there is a travel bag that can load baby equipment that is often carried.

With a comfortable baby position on this stroller, and its ease of storing various equipment, this stroller is suitable for long trips.

5. Jogging Stroller

Jogging stroller bayi yang lincah dan stylish.
Jogging stroller bayi yang lincah dan stylish.

As the name implies, jogging stroller is suitable for moms who like to walk or exercise in the park. The advantage lies in the wheels that are easily maneuvered and remain easy to use on road or dirt roads. Unlike the standard stroller, jogging stroller has only three wheels so it is agile when turning.

Jogging stroller tends to be wider so it is rather troublesome if you have to use shopping at the supermarket, up and down stairs / escalators, or take the elevator.

6. Double / Twin / Triple Stroller

Double stroller untuk bayi kembar atau kakak beradik, sekali dorong asyiknya rame-rame. :)
Double stroller for twins or siblings

Double stroller for twins or siblings, once the thrill is fun. 🙂

Intended for mothers who have twins, or two babies who want to be invited to walk together. Double stroller can hold two babies, and Triple stroller can hold three babies at once, with a larger size of course.

This stroller is rarely found and the choice of features is also limited.

7. Modular Stroller

Modular stroller bayi yang fleksibel dan canggih.
Modular baby stroller that is flexible and sophisticated.

Modular stroller is a new type of stroller with the advantage of flexible features. This stroller usually has a seat that can be exchanged or can be faced forward / back, or has a reversible handle, and other advanced features. Some travel system stroller also have modular features.

Mama can also buy additional accessories for the modular stroller, so there is no need to buy a new stroller to meet the needs of mom and baby.

How to Choose a Good Stroller

What are the criteria that you need to consider when choosing a stroller? Lovia discuss it one by one, so that I'm not curious anymore.

  • Types of Stroller? Choose the type of stroller according to mama's needs. For lightweight and practical folding stroller, usually umbrella fold stroller is the right choice. If you often travel by car, car seat stroller is an option. If you want a stroller with full features and can be used to carry equipment while traveling, you can consider a travel system stroller.
  • Security? An important safety feature to consider is the 5-point safety harness or 5-point seat belt, complete from the waist and seat to the shoulders. Babies are often active in moving, so you don't want the baby to suddenly release or fall from the stroller. Wow, it's really dangerous. Also check that the stroller does not look fragile. Stroller from quality brands usually have good strength and standard safety features.
  • Handbrake and wheel lock. A safe stroller has good brakes and the wheels can be locked when stopped. This is important so that the stroller doesn't suddenly walk on its own when Mama stops on the downhill road.
  • Stroller height, can be adjusted? Stroller height that fits will make mom comfortable when using it. If the stroller has a stick that can be adjusted high-low, this is a plus. Especially if you have a different height.
  • Equipment basket / travel bag. This is a common feature for standard stroller and travel system stroller, and even some umbrella stroller also has it. Choose a strong and size can accommodate diapers / diapers and other equipment. This basket will make it easier for mama to not bother carrying her own baby gear.
  • Easy to fold? This type of umbrella stroller is indeed designed to be quickly folded practically, choose one that is easily opened and folded with one hand, so there is no need to bother with two hands. When choosing a standard stroller or travel system stroller, choose one that can be folded so that it is easily stored in the trunk of a car or at home. Bunda Arienda said"sticking to the stroller with 3 movements only ... being trodden ... the handle was lowered ... then it was lifted ... fast and very concise ... I saw it until I was amazed".
  • Strong? Choose a stroller with a lightweight but strong frame, usually from a quality brand too. Avoid stroller that looks fragile, besides the model is not good, it can be dangerous and uncomfortable to use.
  • Light? Avoid a stroller that is too heavy, it's a pity if you are struggling to push. Stroller from a quality brand is not only lightweight but also strong. Choose a stroller with a weight of no more than 7 kg.
  • Suitable for the age of the baby? For newborns, choose a stroller with a sleeping position that is suitable for newborn. If the stroller still wants to be used when the baby is big, choose a stroller that is stronger and bigger. A good stroller can last for up to 3 years.
  • Canopies and windows? Choose a stroller with a canopy that can provide shade from the heat and rain. Even better if there is a skylight or window in the stroller canopy, so you can peek at baby's dede at any time. 🙂
  • Rain cover. The rain cover is important because you don't want to dedicate the baby to get sick from the cold. If the stroller has given a rain cover bonus rain cover, wow that's even more fun! 😀
  • Maneuver agile wheels? If the stroller is only used occasionally for a walk, the agility of the maneuver is indeed not felt. But for mama who is actively taking the baby for a walk to the mall, to the park, and around the house, then this maneuver is really important so you don't get tired. For this usually the brand and price cannot lie 😉 Because cheap brands tend to use ingredients that are not too good too.
  • Reclining seat? So that the baby always feels comfortable, the stroller seat can be adjusted to sit or sleep position. In addition, a stroller whose seats are not reclinable cannot be used for newborns.
  • Can the chair be washed? Do not let the stroller seat collect bacteria and dust that can make a baby allergic. Choose a stroller that can be removed so that the chair is easily washed clean.
  • Reversible handle / seat? Flexible stroller provides a handrail or a chair that can be reversed, so mama can go for a walk while still looking at the face of baby that is cuteBunda Annisa said, "Because just possesses want to see Bebe's face. It's a bit insecure if Bebe sees the front, Bebe doesn't see me, I don't know what he is looking at either. ”While feeding babies, it's also easier when the baby faces mama. This feature adds to the comfort of mom and baby, so it's important right. Choose a reversible handle because it's more practical, if the reversible seat has to lift the chair first, turn it over, then plug it in again, it's more complicated right? But there is also a slight disadvantage to the reversible handle: if it is reversed, the control wheel that was in the front becomes behind, so the maneuver is less agile than facing the front.
  • A fairly spacious seat? If it's narrow, then the baby will feel uncomfortable. With a seat that is wide enough, even though the back of his seat is slightly put to sleep, the baby can still enjoy seeing the view on either side. 🙂
  • Model and color? Haha, if this one surely suits your taste. Famous brands usually provide a choice of more trendy and stylish models, but the price is also pretty good. Color also determines how often you wash, hehe. If a bright color like pink, it will be easier to look dirty so it needs to be washed. But even though the dark color must also be washed yes, so it is clean and free of bacteria and dirt.

Now that you know what criteria you want for your stroller, let's look at the choice of brands and models.

Stroller Brand and Pricing

When it comes to brands, it turns out that this stroller brand is almost like a social class, hehe .. Well, how come, the problem is for well-known stroller brands like Stokke Xplory the price can reach tens of millions. Wow ...! Surely supported by a small model, good security features, strong and comfortable.

We recommend buying a stroller with a brand / brand that has proven tough, safe, and comfortable. Not only because of choosing the cheap, but instead quickly broken, and out more money because they have to buy new. It's like that, when using it is also uncomfortable, so sorry. Choose a quality and trusted brand.

What if the stroller costs 5 million, is it worth it? Let's just count, the life of the stroller is 3 years, right: worth it ga? Yuk kita hitung aja, masa pakai stroller kan 3 tahun ya:

Rp. 5,000,000 / 3 years / 365 days = Rp 4,566 / day

Well, this investment of not up to Rp 5,000 per day is not for snacks, or social gathering, or to the salon, but for your own beloved children. 🙂

Let's Lovia give a comparison of several brands and models of baby stroller on the market.

Brand Premium

Stroller from premium and imported brands have advantages in terms of quality design and manufacturing, as well as long experience in producing a safe, strong and comfortable stroller. So that mom can feel calm giving the best for the baby.

Stokke Xplory

Stokke Xplory V4, kereta dorong bayi yang fleksibel dan punya penampilan kece.
Stokke Xplory V4, a baby stroller that is flexible and has a sleek appearance.

Stokke is a quality stroller brand originating from Norway that has been established since 1932, so a very experienced manufacturer. Stokke Xplory can be used from birth to a weight of 15 kg. The sitting position can be adjusted flexibly, has complete safety features, is equipped with a basket of equipment, and the handle is ergonomic and height adjustable. In fact, the bonus also includes mosquito nets and a rain cap. Unfortunately, besides the very expensive price, the Stokke brand stroller is quite difficult to obtain, can be purchased at Mothercare, or can also buy preloved (used). preloved (bekas pakai).

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 stroller bayi yang berkualitas dan mudah dilipat.
Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 quality baby stroller and easy to fold.

Quinny is a well-known Dutch brand that has been producing stroller since 1989. The model of stroller Quinny Zap Xtra 2 has a strong and lightweight frame, which is also easy to fold. Seats can be folded, can be arranged (reclinable), can also be changed to face forwards or backwards so that it is near ama mama. This stroller is also suitable for new born babies (new born).

Bugaboo Cameleon3

Bugaboo Cameleon3 stroller bayi yang fleksibel dengan desain klasik.
Bugaboo Cameleon3 flexible baby stroller with a classic design.

Bugaboo is a Dutch stroller manufacturer since 1994. This Bugaboo Cameleon3 baby stroller has features that are very complete, flexible, but also quite heavy. The advantage, easy maneuverability and can be used in all road conditions, ranging from smooth walking in the mall, at home, as well as winding roads in the park. The handle stick can be turned over for a more agile maneuver.

BabyStyle Oyster 2

BabyStyle Oyster 2 baby stroller that is safe, lightweight, and durable.

BabyStyle Oyster 2 stroller bayi yang aman, ringan, dan awet.
BabyStyle Oyster 2 baby stroller that is safe, lightweight, and durable.

BabyStyle is a stroller manufacturer from the UK with its superior product, the series BabyStyle Oyster 2 can be used from newborns (new born) to babies aged 4 years, with good quality so that the lifetime is very durable. The position of the stroller handle can be adjusted to 3 positions. The frame is made of lightweight and strong aluminum. The handle of the stroller is coated with leather so it is comfortable for mom and does not easily come off.

Peg Perego Pliko Mini

Peg Perego Pliko Mini yang ultra ringan dan ringkas.
Ultra light and compact Peg Perego Pliko Mini.

Peg Perego is an Italian brand that was founded in 1949. Peg Perego Pliko Mini is very light and compact, easily folded in an umbrella fold and easily carried everywhere. Peg Perego Pliko Mini can be used for newborns (new born) until the age of 3 years. The canopy has a window, and the baby's back can be adjusted.

Combi F2

Combi F2 stroller bayi yang ringan dan lincah.
Combi F2 baby stroller which is lightweight and agile.

Combi is a Japanese stroller brand that was established in 1989. This Sti Combi F2 has the advantage of being very light with a weight of only 3.8 kg. Suitable for babies aged 6 months to 3 years. It has a wide enough seat, adjustable backrest, one-touch 5-point safety belt and a practical equipment basket. Stroller is also easily folded by opening with just one move.

Economical Brand

Berikut adalah stroller dari merk yang ekonomis dan dengan kualitas yang cukup baik.

Cocolatte Otto N70

Cocolatte Otto N70 yang fungsional dan aman.
Cocolatte Otto N70 which is functional and safe.

Cocolatte local manufacturer issued Cocolatte Otto N70 stroller which features a 5-point seat belt so the baby stays safe. Equipped with a canopy, shopping basket, adjustable backrest, and 4 lockable wheels. Can be used for newborns (new born) until the baby is 3 years old. Can be folded.

Cocolatte Pockit

Cocolatte Pockit stroller bayi yang ringan.
Cocolatte Lightweight Baby Stroller Pockit.

Cocolatte local manufacturer issued Cocolatte Pockit , an ergonomic and practical stroller. Can be used for babies aged 6 months to 3 years with a maximum weight of 18 kg. Unfortunately the seat belts that are used are still 3-point so don't take it too far, mama. 🙂 Equipped with equipment basket, canopy and reversible handle so the baby is always close to mama. Can be folded and put into a backpack provided for storage in a car or plane luggage. reversible handle agar bayi selalu dekat dengan mama. Dapat dilipat dan dimasukkan ke tas ransel yang disediakan untuk disimpan di mobil atau bagasi pesawat.

Pliko Boston

Pliko Boston stroller bayi yang fungsional.
Pliko Boston functional baby stroller.

Pliko as a local brand manufacturer provides economical stroller with quite good quality. It's different from Peg Perego Pliko from Italy. 🙂 This stroller Pliko Boston can be used from newborns (new born) to 3 years old. Standard features include adjustable baby backrests, canopies, mosquito nets, dining mats, drinking containers and luggage baskets.


Each stroller has its own plus-minus, now with this guide you can choose wisely, what kind of stroller that suits the needs of mommy and baby. Got a good stroller, happy baby, happy! 🙂

Hopefully this Lovia peel can be useful for mommy in choosing the right baby stroller and comfortable to use. Happy hunting stroller. 🙂 Do you have experience with baby stroller? Please share your experience in the comments below. 🙂