1. Before entering the international departure airport, prepare your passport and e-ticket
The first time you want to get into an international departure airport, things that need to be prepared are your passport and e-ticket. This passport and e-ticket are shown to the airport staff.

2. Check-in, print your boarding pass, and don’t forget to prepare your e-ticket to go and go home
Check-in and boarding pass printing is done 2 hours before flight departure. In addition to the e-ticket that is prepared at the time of check-in, another e-ticket must be prepared. Usually you will be asked how many days abroad and this e-ticket will guarantee you will return to Indonesia on time.

3. Inspecting goods
The next step is to inspect the goods. All our items will be scanned and our bodies will also be examined. The aim is for safety during the flight.

4. Go to the immigration counter to check your passport and request a visa
Next is an immigration check to show your passport and request a visa. Don’t forget to extend your passport before 6 months expires.

5. Do a boarding pass and enter the plane
The final step is boarding passes and preparation for boarding.

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