Making a itinerary when you want to travel is very important. The purpose of making this tour itinerary is that our tour has clear directions and destinations, an estimated cost needed, and a regular list of activities. This travel plan is the key to a successful vacation. Itinerary or trip plan contains about which destinations will be visited, how long we will be there, what places will be visited, how and at what price is needed to reach a tourist attraction. Then how do I make it? Let’s look at tips in my experience to arrange a tour when visiting Malaysia :

1. Determine the City / Island / Country Destination you want (personal experience: Malaysia)

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The first step is to determine the city / island / country that is our destination for a vacation. Based on personal experience, I chose Malaysia for my holiday. After I determine the destination of the country, then I determine how long I will be on vacation. Oh yes, for those of you who are still confused in choosing which city or country to go to, you can categorize your destination or type of vacation first, such as a holiday for shopping, to simply enjoy the nobility and customs of the local people, or natural attractions that keep you away from boisterous atmosphere of the city. Only after that will you be able to determine your destination in accordance with your personal desires or interests.

2. Find out Travel Destinations, Where to Eat, and Where to Shop in Malaysia

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Now my next step is to find out what tourist destinations are in Malaysia, where places to eat are recommended, and where to shop cheap and quality. In addition, we can also find out about events that are around the area that we visit. I visited several attractions including Chinatown, Matic, Central Market, National Museum, Naitional Mosque, National Palace, Batu Cavas, Petronas Tower, KL Tower, Genting Highlnad, and others. For complete information, let’s check Tourism Attractions in Malaysia I’ve visited.

3. Read the Travel Blog or Web Related to Malaysia

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To increase knowledge about destinations in Malaysia, the thing I do is to read as many travel blogs or web travel as possible. That I do to find out other people’s travel experiences and find important information from what they tell.

4. Determine the Right Vacation Time

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Choosing the right vacation time also includes something important for us to travel on vacation. Surely, it won’t hurt when we are on holiday abroad, but our mind is thinking about something that is not a holiday ?? well therefore we must choose the right time for a vacation. If the routine works, then you can take advantage of vacation time. If you go to school you can use your school vacation schedule. When I go to Malaysia, I take a vacation on a normal day because in addition to cheaper tickets, tourist destinations are also not too crowded.

5. Prepare tickets and lodging

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After that, prepare the ticket and lodging. Choose the flight according to the desired schedule. Choose lodging in the middle of the tourist destinations that you want to visit, with lodging strategically located, we will save time and costs. When I went to Malaysia, I chose lodging in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, the LEO Palace Hotel New Wing and I used a Malindo flight from Bandung to Kuala Lumpur.

6. Know the transportation that will be used to get to the destination in the destination country. Look for Transportation Routes to be used.

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To save time and money, we need to know the transportation that is in the destination country. As in Malaysia, there are public transportation that I use such as GOKL, Aerobus, LRT, MRT, Monorail, KTM Commuter, Car Rental and Grab buses.

7. Create a Itinerary in a Table. Record the date and day, destination, transportation used and the cost, entrance ticket to travel destinations, and others.

Days to- ActivitiesHoursTimesDescriptionsCost Estimate
  • In the day-to-day column, enter the number of days, the name of the day and the corresponding date from the first day to the last day (it is better from the first day of departure until the day of returning to the country, or the initial location).
  • In the activity column, enter your activities. At least this shows your movement from one place to another, or whether you stay at that place. If it is more specific, for example “visiting the Louvre Museum, Paris”, then it is better.
  • In the o’clock column, enter the time information from what time until what time you are doing the activity.
  • In the time column, enter the total time needed for the activity to be carried out.
  • In the description column, enter the transportation information used and the exact name of the transportation and how far it is. Like riding a train, bus, plane, or ship. Taxis, rental cars, tuk-tuks, etc. Can only be limited by imagination.
  • In the Cost Estimation column, enter the costs needed for the activity to be performed. Like the price of transportation, entrance tickets, meals, or others.

8. Calculate the total budget needed and adjust it to our budget

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When the tourist destination has been determined, we will see the total cost we will incur. In designing a budget, don’t forget to over 10-20% of the budget for unexpected costs. When I go to Malaysian 6 Day 5 Night, for 2 people I spend money on tickets for attractions, transportation, food, and others it is + – Rp. 4,278,500 / person or around RM 1109.5.